Our Team

With over 100 years of combined experience working on cars and Volvos we take pride in our work and customer satisfication. Here is our team of experts dedicated to serving you and your vehicle. 

Mark Lambdin - Owner/Operator

Mark was a Service Manager at a local Volvo dealership for over 15 years. He purchased Reeve-Smith Auto Repair in 2005 and has been building the business ever since. Mark is very up to date with todays newer Volvos and all the new computers and software that go along with them.

Tom Fowler - Service Advisor/Shop Manager

Tom has been with the business since the original owners and has worked on and around Volvos for nearly 30 years. He knows the older Volvos very well and is well versed in the knowledge and application of trouble shooting and fixing these cars. 

Taylor Lambdin - Service Advisor/Customer Recipient 

Taylor has grown up around his fathers line of work and as a result devleloped a liking and knowledge of cars at an early age. He has been working with and around cars at Reeve-Smith for almost a decade now. After graduating from UNC-Wilmington with a degree in business and entrepreneurship he returned back to working at Reeve-Smith.

Brian Jeffries & Robert Stegall - Technicians 

Brian was a master tech for the local Volvo dealership and followed Mark over to Reeve-Smith. He has been working on Volvos and BMWs for many years now and is a great asset to the business. 


Robbie has been with Reeve-Smith for nearly 20 years. He is very methodical in his approach to working on cars and always has it done correctly the first time. 

David Wilson

David is our newest member on the team and is a very hard worker. If you are stopping in for an oil change, state inspection or tire replacement/rotation, David is likely the man on the job.