We take pride in our customers satisfaction of our service. We have a 100% recommended rating on and nearly full 5/5 stars after over 400 reviews. Our customers speak for our service and we will go out of our way to make sure they are satisfied with their visit to us. 

        FRANCIS H. in Raleigh, NC             on 02/21/2015
Day before yesterday, when it was 20'f and windy,'84 245 with 294,000 miles on it wouldn't start. I have a shop that inspects my "fleet", and they were booked solid. I called Mark at Reeve Smith. It was 5 pm and freezing. He gave me the name of his towing service and said that they were on their way home but that he would have a loaner for me and to drop the keys and car and they would take care of it. At a little past 6 pm we pulled in, and there was Mark, and the loaner. What a relief. The loose connection was tightened, the car inspected and ready by 11 the next day at a very reasonable price. Can't say the same about their competition at First Class Auto.
      Rita H. on 12/28/2014

This review covers my latest visit and previous ones. Brought my Volvo in as it had failed its yearly inspection, the service light was coming on and I kept getting a blinking light indicating there was a problem with the airbags. They ran the codes and determined there was a leak in the vacuum system near the gas tank (this accounted for the occasional gas fume odor). They fixed the leak and cleared the codes - Voila! We always have excellent service and receive great advice from this repair shop. Volvos can be tricky to repair - they're quirky as heck. This is the only place I would take my Volvo to.

      TONY B. in Raleigh, NC on                07/26/2014

We've all heard the phrase "under promise and over deliver". Well, Mark and his group promise a lot and still over deliver! In a business sector that seems to breed mistrust, Reeve-Smith is the benchmark for client services. If you own a Volvo and are taking it anywhere else for its care, you are doing your yourself (and your vehicle) a disservice.